Fabrice-Elie Hubert

I create electronic music inspired by the seabed.

Artistic approach

I create electronic music inspired by the seabed. I collaborate with researchers from the university of Liège wich record this extremely rich sound activity. This sounds are almost all unkown to most people. I spatialize these natural sounds which communicate with my machines through biomimicry.


+ residency la POP, Paris 2024
+ exhibition, Paris - Médiathèque Hergé - 2024

Who am I ?

After 20 years composing and producing electronic music with various international artists (Sice - Boo Radleys, Papa's Fritas, Tahiti 80, Mark Gardener, Jon Auer - The Posies, Helena Noguera, ALB, Dave - Yé-Yé…), I am the victim of an accident that immobilizes me for months.During this period of introspection, I realize that my quest is not music but sound.I have since worked in partnership with the medical world (Institut Pasteur, Inserm, CNRS, Nantes University Hospital) to build soothing sound sequences to allow listeners to refocus on themselves and move towards a state of well-being in less than 10 mins.

Past Events

  • Field recording maison de l'Estuaire - 2023

  • Think Tank "music : futur" la Seine Musicale - Boulogne-Billancourt - 2023

  • Table ronde sound design - Centre des arts d'Enghien-Les-Bains - 2023

  • Exhibition "De profundis Ascendum" Abbaye de Maubuisson 2023

  • Podcast le 5ème quart d'heure

  • Immersive sound installation La POP, Paris - 2022

  • Residency la POP - Paris 2022

  • Sound design "Le Naméssime" of Xavier Bélony-Mussel - 2022

  • Field recording Baie de Sallenelles - 2021

  • Sound design SVL - 2021

  • Field recording Italie - 2021

  • Table ronde - perceptions sonores de notre environnement - 2020

  • Exhibition "Co-incidences" Abbaye de Maubuisson - 2020

  • Nuit Blanche with Méryll Ampe - 2020